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    In my defense i tried really hard to read it but fell asleep during your first waffle


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      The absolute best part about when you chime in is that you have absolutely nothing to contribute about anything other than the statistically minuscule part of my conduct.
      Out of your 53 posts, the majority of them are you just bitching about me and this is just irony comedy gold.

      You can't even rise above the most juvenile level of debate and fall back to primary school levels of argument.
      If you think that I don't encourage it, you're absolutely wrong.

      I can and do and will continue to lead you around. You just can't help yourself.

      You'll eventually just fall back into really lame and pitiful personal insults and name calling.

      You just aren't capable of doing anything else except prove me correct. I have this concept of you as a largely hysterical screaming soccer mum and you continue to firmly cement it.

      In terms of contributing to this forum, you're totally irrelevant.
      So now you'll have the chance to either go quiet like I recommend, or continue to engage in a pointless trade of words until someone just shuts the thread.

      I'm predicting that you won't be able to control yourself.
      Status is not defined by the amount of gear in your signature.
      Performance cannot be purchased.

      "The Internet offers everything - except quality control" - K. Anders Ericsson.


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        I hope i am not the only one that finds this amusing. I reckon Marcus could sell tickets!


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            'Ang on a minute! Was I just belittled?


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              You won't be the first and won't be the last. lol
              Nothing's forgotten. Nothing is ever forgotten - Robin of Sherwood.


              Reverse Sponsor of the Richmond Football Club.


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                Originally posted by Andy! View Post
                Actually it's a little bit more specific.

                Anyone who has their tax return of late would have gotten a little bar graph in one of the letters. It breaks down exactly where their tax dollars went AND how much got spent on each of the areas.

                Right at the top on everyone's return will be a line for welfare.
                It will be longer than any other single expense. It will be broken down into the various welfare categories. Below that will be the second longest which is health. The two below that are Defence and Education which are about equal.

                Because I see the huge amount of my taxes have gone towards welfare and I damn well know what those services provide, I don't give anything to the beggars that hang around on the walkways between the Canberra center. The people that sit there and hold a cardboard sign get nothing from me and they never will.

                I give money to the buskers and the street performers. They've shown a willingness to at least try to EARN some of my money.

                There's a disabled guy regularly at Woden shopping center who plays an organ badly and sings along even worse.

                I give him my change. He's on welfare.
                He'll never have a job BUT HE'S DAMN WELL OUT THERE DOING SOMETHING TO EARN MY MONEY!

                That you come on this forum means that you have access to the internet. Every single question that you have ever asked on here and other forums (because I've seen you post on others) has been asked and answered before or could be found directly from the rulebook or reading instructions on manufacturer websites.

                This is the equivalent of intellectual welfare. Thousands of accumulated years of wisdom.

                A core group of people on this forum provide most of the content.

                I have provided photos, videos, links to resources, sports psychology, aerodynamics, basic physics, equipment reviews, competition reports, training methods and technology, bad product warnings and general archery related entertainment. I'll provide money, equipment and support to archers who are putting the effort in. I'll provide photographic support to archers who have gotten sponsored.

                I've done this for almost nine years and tens of thousands of posts.

                You won't even bother to read the rule book, but you'll come on here and ask others to do it for you. You refuse to help yourself.

                This makes you not only an intellectual welfare recipient, but one who willingly remains ignorant.

                You're happy to sit there with your cardboard sign asking for intellectual currency literally ON the most comprehensive collection of information in the history of mankind.

                This doesn't exactly fill me with any respect for you, so please excuse me for not caring about your opinion of me at all.

                Do I belittle people?
                There is undeniable evidence of it. Forums are self evident records, after all.

                You watch my replies to people who come on here and ask for specific information that they could have asked the manufacturers support line directly, or information that they could have found with a few seconds searching with google.

                Those resources are less keystrokes away than typing out a question.

                There is no power on Earth that will convince me that these people aren't intellectual welfare recipients. The people I love are the ones that want pointing at resources so that they can help themselves.
                The people that continually demonstrate that they don't want to help themselves eventually get belittled.

                You don't like it? Use the ignore button.

                That goes for anyone who gets butthurt. The ignore button will selectively protect you.