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How would you score this "Banger"?

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  • How would you score this "Banger"?

    The term "Banger" has been coined by a fellow club member - a cross between a Bounce-out and a Hanger.

    The arrow is hanging, having pierced a vane of an another arrow in the X.

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    Well that is an X then isn't it if it is embedded in the X scoring arrow...


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      I'd score it a 1.
      Reason.... That is the lowest unmarked hole I can see in the picture.... (it's hard to tell of the holes are marked or not though in that photo)
      If the holes are indeed marked in the target then I'd be looking for the unmarked one where it hit. RULZ IS RULZ

      PS.... just getting this awesome photo would be worth losing the score.


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        ....It depends on whether you judge the arrow to be a "robin hood" of sorts or a bounce-out.

        This was at a junior competition where both archers were Joeys (11 and under) so not much power in the bows.


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          Although.... this rule probably applies.... if it is considered a "rebound"?
          [I] Another arrow, and then rebounding, shall score the value of the struck arrow, provided the damaged arrow can be identified.


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            There was only one unmarked hole (photo isn't good enough to see the marks) in the eight at 11 o'clock.

            Photo from the reverse angle.


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              What was the decision on the day?


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                The arrow was scored an eight. Considered to be a bounce out.
                There are three ways it could have been judged, as a bounce out, as a rebound or as being embedded in another arrow.
                Without the unmarked hole the decision would probably have been more straight forward.

                I believe that under the rules the most correct decision would have been as an arrow embedded in another arrow despite there being an unmarked hole in the target. The arrow must have passed through the vane of the arrow in the X before striking the target and would have had to have been deflected by that arrow in order to hit the eight. As an archer should be given the benefit of any doubt the higher score should be awarded.
                That being said I did not see the arrow hit and I am unaware as to whether the judge saw the shot.