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  • Names on indoor arrows

    Why do I need to write my name on my indoor arrows?
    I'm shooting my own face.
    Its an inclosed environment, so I'm not going to lose it in the grass.

    Is it a rule that we have so we have a reason to have inspections?
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    Well, if you lose it in a wall, they know who to give it back to if nobody rents a scissor lift for a few months. TAC had two stuck in at the same time, about 4 metres above the floor...
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      If someone else has identical arrows and fletching to you and happens to shoot your face, then you may lose your highest value. I agree, it is highly unlikely, but many rule are introduced because the unlikely case actually happens.
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        isn't it a hold over from the fact that the equipment rules for target archery (indoor & outdoor) are written outside the individual chapters for indoor/outdoor, and so are applied to both simultaneously. That and not all indoor rounds are individual faces. The WA 25 (using the 60cm face) is often shot on a shared face.