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  • December WA Newsletter

    Just reading the WA Judges newsletter from December.

    Interesting items.
    Should a discrepancy be found in the sum total where two scorecards are used (electronic and paper), th e sum total of the lower arrow scores will be used for the final result.
    Fourteen (14) judges marked the procedure described in the question as TRUE. It is FALSE. This rule was changed a couple of years ago. If there is a discrepancy, the results team will take the individual values of arrows as they stand in the paper scorecard and will make all necessary corrections in the electronic values. Once this is done, the new total rendered by the computer will prevail.
    [quote]In most cases mistakes are mad e because the judge is not focused. At a recent World Ranking Event we had a situation with a team member shooting two arrows in the first rotation (alternate shooting), and the judge did not do anything. Was the judge really paying attention? Do we real ly need judges who do not take action? Guess what would happen if one of these
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