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The much quoted "No Electronics" rule.

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  • Andy!
    started a topic The much quoted "No Electronics" rule.

    The much quoted "No Electronics" rule.

    Every so often, I'll be at some social function and someone will start talking about laws and rules.

    There are two ways that people learn about laws and rules.

    The most common way is by second hand information. This is by far the least reliable and the most stupid.

    The less common way is first hand. However, this involves actually finding and reading the actual rules.

    The problem with second hand information is that you don't know where it came from. Witness the number of people who talk about "entrapment" in dealing with the police in Australia.

    You will have likely heard about entrapment.
    Let's go to wikipedia for a definition:

    In criminal law, entrapment is a practice whereby a law enforcement agent induces a person to commit a criminal offence that the person would have otherwise been unlikely or unwilling to commit.

    Most people over the age of 18 are familiar with the term and know where it is used because they've heard about it on US police shows.
    Then they'll start using this term in conversations like they're all over how it works.

    If you're in Australia, should you be bantering around the term "entrapment" like an educated person?

    Maybe you could do a little bit of self education? Like putting "entrapment Australia" into google and see what comes up?

    How does this relate to the "No electronics" quote that you hear bandied about online and in real life?

    Pretty much exactly the same as the "no camo equipment" rule that sent archers nuts when World Archery put it out.

    People will apply second hand information rather than bother to go look at the rule book.

    Is there anyone who is not a judge who would like to read the rule book and make a call on if a phone has to be in airplane mode to score at a local competition?

    Is there anyone who is not a judge who would like to read the rule book and see if an archer can have an electronic communication device on them at a local competition?

    How about putting your phone on your spotting scope? Anyone care to actually read through the rule book and see which rules apply to that?

    Or, is everyone happy to rely on some clown who has no idea, but is happy to inform you of the rules?
    There are plenty of them about.
    If only there was a way of instantly summoning the World Archery rules as they apply equipment used in Target Archery

  • Andy!
    Well, nobody throws out "New shootoff" to cover all situations.

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  • Marcus
    Sounds like the new shootoff rule situation.

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