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Win & Win Blast 38"

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  • Win & Win Blast 38"

    Am a veteran with shoulder problem and need to change for larger let off.
    Arrow rest not included or extra.

    Specs are
    40-50 lbs adjustable
    25-30" draw adj.
    38" axle to axle

    limb dampeners fitted to each

    Bought new just over a year ago. Has a paracord wrap around the grip
    that I will remove. Has some pin prick dots in paint finish near grip.
    Have priced close to a trade in price as I need to change very soon.
    A really good bow that cost me $700 and is still a current model.

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    Any idea if these bows can "safely" be wound well under poundage (are the limb bolts long enough... eg. most hoyts 'll go a few turns under safely). I need a new bow for my daughter but she will not handle 40lb yet... need to get it around 30 at the moment.