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Due to an issue with people posting personal details like phone numbers and email addresses in replies to posts I've returned the feature where only original posters can reply to their adverts. If you have a question or wish to contact a seller send them a PM (Personal Message). This is a lot more secure and will get your question seen in the order in which they are sent to the seller.
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Recurve Gear

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  • For Sale Recurve Gear

    • 4 bowstrings (custom and off the shelf) $15-$20 ea.
    • Titan recurve clarifier (14mm & 10.5mm) black, $80 ea.
    • Shibuya pressure button, blue $40
    • V-bar $20
    • Axcel Achieve Carbon RXL sight, black (no case) $600
    • Midas 30’ long rod wth weights (red) $40
    • Hoyt F7 Formula limbs (wood cores, medium, 38lbs) $400
    • Hoyt Formula backpack $160
    Plus parts:
    • Arrow wraps and vanes/wings (Black, orange, sparkling + double sided & wrapping tape)
    • Beiter limb line gauge (x2)
    • Arrow points (unknown size and weight)
    Buyer pays postage.
    PM for Photos.