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Offset bracket needed

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  • Offset bracket needed

    Hi I'm after a sight offset bracket for a sure loc sight and I was hoping that someone has one as I've been told they are not being made anymore thank you for your time and effort Dan

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    to my knowledge they are still available, although the newer sights no longer use them.

    I have a black one you can have if you want it. it does not come with screws, but the pics on the web don't show them either? worst case you would be up for a couple of bucks for some cap head screws off feebay.
    Viper Strings


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      Thank you so much I'm interested as I would prefer to buy in Australia first and I'll pay you for it as well as cover the PayPal and postage fees I'll try to pm you


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        I think a pm has been sent if not please let me know when you can thank you for your time and effort Dan


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          Thank you so much for your time and effort Scott I truly appreciate it a lot