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    We are thinking of buying a high speed camera for the club to observe release and tuning (arrow hitting bow /button) etc. Would appreciate some suggestions on what speed camera we would need and which cameras at that speed we should consider.

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    Your best bet is deciding on how much you want to spend first and then going to the internet and researching for a couple of weeks on what cameras are available.
    High speed cameras are going to be a mix of frame rate vs quality and you are going to want the best of both for the least amount. Consumer brand stuff starts at around 1000 dollars and will get you about 1200 frames per second. The middle range stuff like the Chronos 2.1 starts at US$5000 and is pretty impressive for the money.

    After that, realistically, you can't afford it. They're not cheap once they get past 5 grand because the price takes a big jump.
    High speed cameras are just not a good investment for something that will sit at a club not being used for 99.99 percent of the time.
    Consider renting one if you want to save the club money. I guarantee you that you'll have a lot of people turn up the first time you set it up. It will be a novelty and after that, people won't bother.

    I use my Sony RX100mk5 for videoing archers regularly and slow it down with editing software, and then the + and - keys on VLC. 960 fps is marginal but interesting for me and pretty much six other archers in the entire world.

    Depending on where you are, renting one will be a cheap way of getting everyone who would consider buying one involved and you'll make some very firm decisions once the reality of the situation hits home.

    I'm the last one to tell people not to spend money on high tech toys, but for a club, rather than a national organisation, it's an extremely poor investment.
    Status is not defined by the amount of gear in your signature.
    Performance cannot be purchased.

    "The Internet offers everything - except quality control" - K. Anders Ericsson.


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      OK thanks Andy!


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        how goo a quality and slow is really needed, for instance the quality action cameras, like the GoPro 7 can do the HD quality video slow motion, 4K at 60 fps, with 720p @ 240 fps. Is that good enough to coach with? I don't have an action camera, so i do not know.