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  • Fitting Pin Nocks

    I wish to replace the standard nocks on my arrows with Pin Nocks. I have read and seen information that suggests that the pins can be fitted into the shafts using thin plastic from a plastic bag to provide a tight fit of the pin into the arrow shaft. Is this a legitimate way to fit the pins into the shafts, or is it preferable to hot glue the pins in the shafts?

    Here's one YouTube vid of a person fitting the pins using plastic.
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    You can do either. Some brands have better fits than others and it varies from arrow to arrow. These days a gentle smear of hotmelt gets the job done.
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      Originally posted by StinkyPete View Post
      or is it preferable to hot glue the pins in the shafts?
      I hot glue, the aspersions of liability averse manufacturers aside, the moderate heat required to use a relatively low temp hotmelt like Easton glue won't hurt anything. especially if you warm the glue in the flame so you're not relying on heat from the pin alone to get it fluid. dunk in a mug of water after the pin is seated if desired.
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        Thanks for the advice. I finished up using Bohnings hot melt glue stick, that I could soften using a fine tip on my heat gun.