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Lighter arrows for Lower Poundage?

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  • Lighter arrows for Lower Poundage?

    Due to a shoulder injury (which is slowly getting better) I have lowered the pressure of my PSE Stinger from 43lb to 35lb, so it's pretty light. I am not a competative target shooter, but shoot 3D for my own enjoyment. With the drop in poundage, would I get flatter trajectories if I went to some lighter arrows?

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    You'll probably find it a little more problematic than that. Spine ratings on carbon arrows are important in that heavier spines do not react as well to lower poundages and vice versa. For example, my Tec One 600 spine arrows at 49 pounds fly straight. Yet at 51 pounds the react more like a garden hose on spray instead of stream. They chart at 45-50 pounds and now I have a great reference of their reaction at heavier peak draw after last weekends QRE.

    That's why all the manufacturer arrow charts have columns ranking them from IBO speed and cam type vs. peak draw weight.

    I's say it's likely you have a great deal of trouble with consistency if you are using the same arrows in a compound moving to 35lb from 43lb.