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Where do old risers go to die?

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  • Where do old risers go to die?

    l feel like I'm missing something. As a golfer you can purchase new or second hand. Once you know where to look and what you want there are second hand gems everywhere. Where are all the second hand risers?
    Do archers buy fewer risers, or just keep them?
    ive tried eBay us, uk, France and Italy. Aussie sites and forums. Im sure there is a classic spigarelli or best just waiting for me somewhere.

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    They're there. However, because they're specialist, they're more likely to be kept under the bed, or sold to someone within a small community.
    There's a Hoyt Axis Appreciation Society on facebook that has 94 members around the world. This group seems to identify any second hand Axis risers that come up for sale.

    You may wish to make a permanent google search alert that lets you know when it finds key words. Spigarelli risers will be easier to find There's one on ebay now.

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