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    So is that "out of the box" so to speak, with stock strings and 65% modules? That's very impressive.

    What are those cams like at the back end - still mushy like a cam.5?


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      Redback strings on that, also with the 65% it was with speed nocks and is long strung by 0.5"
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        Thanks Marcus. Do they run better long strung a bit? I'm looking for about 30" so can either get a 29-30.5 or long string a 28-29.5.


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          Had a quick test of my VE+ with Spirals, if you're interested.

          Test setup:
          Hoyt Vantage Elite Plus (2012 model) with Spiral X cams, 28.5". Stock brace height, only a peep sight and d-loop on the string. Nock points string, not brass.
          Easton Protour 470 (cut to 27.5" without point), 3 ffp 187 vanes, Beiter pin nocks. Three point weights, 100, 110, 120 grains, all from the current 120grain steel points.

          Shot through a chronograph at about 5m from the bow.

          120gn: 283, 283, 283, 284, 283, 283 fps
          110gn: 289, 290, 289, 289, 290, 290 fps
          100gn: 291, 292, 292, 292, 291, 292 fps

          I'd be very interested in the Mathews Apex range for comparison.

          Update: I forgot to add that the bow measured 58# at the time
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