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The easiest and cheapest home target you can find.

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    Here is another option for consideration.

    Have been developing this system over the past year. Here's the latest iteration.

    The target box is packed with compressed building foam. The target box consists of an outer border of foam and an inner "CORE" of foam and rags. The core bears the brunt of the work. Once the "front cores" have broken down refurbish as illustrated below.

    Place the target box on the ground and remove the target face.

    Remove the "core foam blocks" from the target box.

    Cut new "core foam blocks"

    Pack one "core block" at the back of the target, then fill the core with tightly packed rags. Pack enough rags so that enough room is left for two "core blocks" to be packed in front of the rags. Each block is 75mm thick. This mix of foam and rag stops arrows shot from a 42lb recurve bow at 20 metres.

    Target faces can be printed on any home printer and pasted onto cardboard sheets or boxes. The faces are then trimmed for use. If you print the 10; 9; 8; 7; and 6 rings onto a sheet of A4 paper with 1/4" to spare on each side, your target face will be pretty close to the size of an 18 metre indoor target face.

    Newly cored box with new target face in position.

    This has proved to be a very neat and cost effective 20 metre target system for recurve target archery. Never damaged an arrow yet. I replace the two front blocks on a weekly basis.


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      Originally posted by wareagle;399766[URL=
      This one's a ripper. I've got stacks of timber like this lying about... I feel a project coming on. Any idea of the foam/rubber grade or specs, or what's proven to work well?
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        Bunnings sells closed cell foam floor tiles that work fine with some compression.
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          what is the medium used in your compression target?


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            I wouldn't have a clue what the foam is, ask Shermo.
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              Just a few pictures of my home made target, few layes of thick card board then pallet wrap. and shade cloth front. Not exactly cheap, but durable. Heavy but solid enough to stop my 55lbs compound at approx 2.5m as shown in photos. It was made for my recurve, as i was practising 18m indoor rounds as well as general practice of my technique.

              Click image for larger version

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                There are some great ideas in this thread for a home target for a new archer, and a plastic filled "something" seems to be ideal. I had intendede to make a 650mm square box, faced with multiple layers of shadecloth and filled with plastic for a target. My bow is a PSE Extreme, currently running at 45lb draw weight, but which I expect to get up to 55lb as my strength and form improve.

                What depth would be appropriate to make the target box please??


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                  Here are some bales that I just found on ebay which might be pretty good as big target bags.

                  If the front surface gets shot out, it may be possible to stick some heavy shadecloth across the centre with contact adhesive for a repair/reinforcement.