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Traps for the FOC experimenter.

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  • Traps for the FOC experimenter.

    Anyone who has read through the various archery forums will have spotted that some forums just can't let a topic lie still for too long.
    One of the things that isn't discussed here much is FOC, which stands for Front of Center.

    There are plenty of things describing FOC on the internet.
    However, all is not always as it seems.

    Clarence N Hickman decided to investigate FOC effects.
    He did this by using an arrow tube which had a moveable weight inside.

    He could change the balance point of the arrow by moving the weight distribution forward or backward, without increasing the overall weight of the arrow.

    He then used his shooting machine to fire the various FOC arrows at various angles and see what the result was.
    He discovered that the most forward FOC arrows went the furthest distance.

    I've been reading all the FOC tweaking threads I can find online for the past few months, so see how people are going about adjusting FOC.

    Not one experimenter is ONLY shifting the FOC like Hickman did.
    All the threads that I could find were where people are playing with FOC are adding or subtracting weight to change the balance point of their arrows.

    So, they are actually varying two properties, rather than just one like Hickman did.
    They don't always get comparable results.

    Does this sound like legitimate scientific investigation to you?
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    Hi Andy. Hickmans science seems, on face value, sound. I suspect that had he changed point weight only the results wouldn’t be a whole lot different.
    Ask the guys on AT, they’re good at answering scientific questions