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    Hello everyone..

    I am new here and archery. I did archery at school ..... but it was basic at best.
    Just had my birthday and got a redzone 65lb kit. I know redzone right.

    But I am new so I will use this for a while and then shell out when ready to get a way better kit. When I am up to it and can shoot well.

    Any ideas or comments on how to or what to do to upgrade on this compound to make it better until I splash out for a better high end one.

    Just looking to do targets and get a few rabbits ect.


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    Originally posted by Doeskin View Post
    Hello everyone..

    When I am up to it and can shoot well.

    Until then, leave the animals out of it!
    Carney Archery


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      Will do Boss .... Even I am not that cruel ... Jesus mate ....really ??

      Well went out last weekend and gave the bow a shoot. It felt o.k.. I think the sight is out by a bit... but hey its a cheapish bow and I am a novice so it's o.k so far.
      I am must say I am hooked when you get it to fire smooth and on target ..... great fun

      ** disclaimer ** No animals where shot at or shot in the weekend of bow shooting ..... Just the poor old target .....


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        I don't know what you go on the bow, but for upgrades look at getting a good set of sights , arrow rest and stabilizer/s . They are all thing that can be put on to a new bow when the time comes and just remember 9.5/10 times you get what you pay for . So don't think cheap sights or rest will be as good or as tuff as the more expensive ones.


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          I'd also be asking on what you want to use the kit for. Is it just target or will you be doing hunting in the future? Until you decide, read as much info on the new bows and what they are used for, etc. Same with all the other bits. Arrows, release aids, etc. I'd also get yourself to a club (if you haven't already) and shoot with a few archers there. Talk to them but don't annoy (we have a couple of young kids right now who are bugging the crap out of the older archers and they go to great pains to avoid them which is kinda sad). Absorb as much as you can.

          When it is time to buy, try and get high end stuff with the money that you have. It's better to buy one high end piece and have it last for years than two or three mid range ones that might not last the distance. Also comes down to preference. We've also had archers who want to try a certain piece of equipment like a stabiliser that someone might have spare, etc. Try it out if you can before buying. Yeah, it's easier said than done but it will help.
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            Hi, i'm learning how to use a compound bow too, this is a great sport
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