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    As an email from AA.
    Over the past few months, the IT Committee have been working on adding support to Archers Diary, and the associated tools, to include support for Para and Vision Impaired Archers.

    From Monday 8th January, these changes will be rolled out allowing clubs with Para and Vision Impaired archers to register into events in their own categories (Clubs must enable this in the Flight setup).

    As part of this update, we have also added increased flexibility in the creation of Scoring Groups.
    These can now be configured with individual options for:

    * Do NOT separate by Class

    * Do NOT separate by Division

    * Do NOT separate by Gender
    These flags can be configured in any combination.

    In addition to this work, the manage.iscored application has been migrated to a new supporting framework. This has been done, to ensure that the IT Committee can continue to update and support the application. The new version should look and feel very much like the application you have been using for the past 18 months, with only a few changes and additions.

    The new framework does, unfortunately, mean we have had to drop support for some older browser technologies.
    We no longer support older versions of Internet Explorer (IE 8, IE 9). This will impact users still running Windows XP.
    We no longer support older versions of Safari (v7 and . This will impact on users of older iPhones (iPhone 4 or earlier).

    We no longer support older versions of Android stock browser (v4.x) Chrome and Firefox browsers should all be fine.

    We have made every effort to ensure this new version is fully functional and as reliable as the old, it is, however, possible we have missed something.
    If you find that there is a problem, or something does not quite work as you expect, please report it via the Archers Diary Support pages

    What's new has been reinvented to use the latest technologies to make the task of administering an online shoot as simple as possible.

    Para and Vision Impaired Archers
    This release adds support for Para and Vision Impaired archers, and the ability for Classifiers to set the Ability Classifications for all (Para and Vision Impaired) archers nationally.
    * Para Open
    * Para W1
    * Vi 1
    * Vi 2/3

    Event Management
    Added Event Summary and Score Summary links to Event list.
    * Event Summary: Provides the full list of archers registered into an event. (new) Now includes Handicap information.
    * Score Summary: A very brief list of results by Round. Suitable for publishing of weekly results (eg Facebook or newspaper)
    * Flights: Now includes options for allowing Para and Vision Impaired archers to register.

    * Archer registration: Minor tweaks to the ways archers are registered to an event.
    If the round is not locked, the most-used rounds (for the Club) are displayed first to simplify the round-selection.

    Scoring Groups:
    Additional options are now available to provide more flexibility in the Events Results pages, including support for the new Para and Vision Impaired archers.

    NOTE: The help files for these applications will be updated after the 8/1/18 to reflect the changes made and you should look at them if unsure of anything.


    John Hyde
    IT Committee Member
    Urban Archery
    Carbon Express
    Redback Strings

    Before enlightenment: Chop wood, carry water
    After enlightenment: Chop wood, carry water