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Youth Nationals 2018 and TransTasman

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  • Youth Nationals 2018 and TransTasman

    Why are there no photos of the Youth Nationals and TransTasman events on the AA web sites?
    NZ have photos on their web sites.

    Also why is there still no Matchplay results on Archer's Diary given the mandate to use Archer's Diary for all events?
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    Matchplay is a pain in the neck to code for. I'm sure Paul's working on it but I don't envy him doing it.

    As for photos...
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      Photos are on face book in the Twin city page but you're right. They should be on Archery Aust page too.
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        The official photographer got sick just before the event. Victoria W from NZ kindly stepped in and took all of the photos over the weekend
        It was a ten when it left the bow!!!!!

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