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Them cheaparse chinese release aids...

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  • Them cheaparse chinese release aids...

    Since the knock offs started appearing on ebay and on here as items for discussion, I've been waiting to see what else happens with them.
    The topic came up lately at Tuggeranong Archery Club and one archer was heard to say that his cheap Chinese release is now as far past the end mound as he could hurl it.
    When I asked for some more details, he said that it eventually got to the point where regardless of how much he adjusted it, it just wouldn't go off.

    Once you're at this point, how do you get rid of something like this? You can't sell it.
    That's why it got the aerial burial.

    I didn't think to ask how long he got out of it, but considering how long they've been around and the number of original Carters that these things rip off which are still going strong for almost a decade, it can't be good value for money.

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    Confirmed , Andy!
    Several of the Carter, Stan & Truball cheapo Chinese copies at my club. Some are still functioning reasonably well, but have witnessed a few lose their setting & random fire &/or develop a somewhat scratchy grinding trigger function without a whole lot of use.
    Shortcut to trigger panic !
    Of course it's obvious to us how these can appeal to a compounder or parents of kids starting out on compound when they are confronted with the prices of high end thumb trigger release aids, but I have made the decision to recommend tempted buyers bite the bullet & purchase quality originals, be it secondhand or new.

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      The sucky thing is that often when there is great variability in quality control, eventually a good one will turn up. There will be someone who get it and it will perform "Just as good as the others".

      I remember reading a report on a cutthroat razor issued in WW1. It was a particularly good one with the history of it being that it was used in the trenches. Apparently the owner was so beset by other soldiers wanting to use this razor that he relented, as long as he was the only person who was to sharpen it. It held an edge and was nicer to use than any others that had been experienced.

      It survived the war and its legendary properties were investigated but not understood. All they could establish was that it was particularly hard compared to others. Eventually, in the 70's someone at a University did an assay on the materials and discovered that it had a slightly different mix to normal and had somehow experienced an unusual heat treatment for the time it was manufactured. It was just a complete fluke that it worked out the way it did.

      Anyone buying a heap of these releases might find a good one. Cheaper buying legit!
      Status is not defined by the amount of gear in your signature.
      Performance cannot be purchased.

      "The Internet offers everything - except quality control" - K. Anders Ericsson.


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        Another thing to remember is that these are counterfeit goods.
        "So what. I'm saving money and those companies are super rich anyway"
        No, they are pretty average people, likely making less than the people buying these knock off releases. They have worked hard and invested money into the sport to create these products and by buying them both the sellers and the buyers are stealing from those companies and the people who work there.
        "Why does it matter to me, they are in the US, not Aussies"
        If they all disappear then the sport is doomed. Who would replace them? Those Chinese companies? No way!
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          Like Marcus said all take no give.
          About 2 months ago I was at our 2 ABA shoot & I was shooting with a person that had 1 of these thumb releases it was a real surprise release some times go off when it was made to other times it would go off when it wasnt to go off
          Like the cheap knock off bows there was a photo on facebook where a Jinix compound bow where the riser was broken in half . To be honest I rather not visit ER / Dentist and such through these knock off products . Lets face in my working like as a Industrial Electrician now Courier I run the risk visiting ER 1 day so on my days off I dont want to increase the chances .
          IMHO you better off buying 2nd hand Carter / Truball etc releases like with bows etc
          Also with this gear on ebay etc who are you going to ask for help not the seller & maker at least with known brand companies you can contact manufacturer or the shop you got it from like Urban Archery
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            I'm on a pension. I have four releases. Admittedly I have not used the caliper trigger since I got the Whalen. I've hardly touched the Whalen since I got the Scott Pro-advantage. I've hardly touched the Pro-Advantage since I got the Scott Pursuit.There was a long period of time I was tempted by the financial incentive of a cheap Chinese thumb from ebay (Notice how there are no cheap Chinese hinges!) But I persevered and waited until the right thumb came on the second hand market. At the moment I've loaned the pro-advantage to a friend at my club because he had a cheap Chinese thumb. It wasn't adjustable, and it only set to draw after much fiddling and dicking every shot. He'd never shot a tension before. Within four shots his groups and accuracy had increased out of sight....

            The point, or moral is, cheap Chinese releases are not that cheap when it comes down to scoring or not scoring. Even if you buy a new one every time the old one begins to fail you will soon rack up a total much more than a quality release which you will need to buy once.

            Like I said I'm on a pension so I can't afford the swish bang new Black Ice, or Honey. Even the B3's (new Scott) are pricey. I'd love to try a 3 finger HBX if I could find a 2nd hand (or borrow one), but I don't think I'll ever buy a cheap Chinese release... I'll go barebow first!