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Scopes at the Australian National Indoor Championship

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  • Scopes at the Australian National Indoor Championship

    I have just been informed by the venue organizing committee that scopes will not be permitted on the range for use during the Australian National Indoor Competition. This seems a little odd to me and I do believe this puts me at a slight disadvantage to other competitors at other venues where scopes could be used. I was just wondering on the validity of the decision made by the organising committee to impose a venue based ban on standard gear which would normally be allowed at any other comp or venue.

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    Use binos


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      Well, I guess that you can always go to another venue if a scope means that much to you. The venue committee can do what it likes though.
      How do you figure that you're at a disadvantage?
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        when you say "scope", are you thinking of a spotting scope on a tripod, a compound scope on the end of your sight... because one is standard equipment which would be allowed at other comps and venues, and one I think I've almost only ever seen at outdoor events...


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          If there are A and B shooters imagine the carnage. Not sure I have ever seen anyone using scopes indoor, just not enough space .... but it has been a while.


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            I asked about spotting scopes for target once about being in front of the line (yes different scenario I know). The answer I was given was "as long as it doesn't interfere with another archer". Whilst Indoor is a different kettle of fish, I think the same rules apply. (Another judge can over ride me if they know which rule applies. I would love to know as I'm currently "in training" to judge and will be judging the Indoor Nats at AIM in Vic). However, I don't think I've seen anyone use a spotting scope for indoor. I don't use one and I also don't believe it's necessary. Good quality binos should be/are sufficient.

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              My club's venue wouldn't allow them on the line either, simply not enough room for them. I've never seen them used indoor. Best to take binos for all indoor events.
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