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  • Number of fletches...?

    Is there a reason for not using four fletches on target arrows?

    Is there a legality? I was under the impression that the ruling was arrows must be fletched the same, with the same colour nocks and wraps, etc. But I've not seen anyone use more than three.

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    You could probably go four on a compound (though there'd still be some additional clearance issues with anything other than a drop-down rest), but they'd contact the riser more than a three-vane fletch does for a recurve, so probably not that great for consistency...


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      No. its a trade off, more fletchs equal more drag, but arguably more stability, go and fletch with 4 and shoot them, probably wont notice a big difference.


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        You'll see this come up again and again as someone "discovers" that more is better... because they want it to be better. You'll note that the top archers in the world use three. That will be at every event that you ever see target archers competing at the highest levels, recurve and compound.
        There's a point where you have enough stability to do the job and any more is called excess drag.
        Archery is full of people who can't actually discriminate what makes a difference, but I've also discovered this with many other activities.
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          Three is the right number. Four is not as good.
          As the arrow spins you want the cross sectional area as seen by the airflow to be the same when the arrow is not aligned with the airflow.
          It is pretty close to the same for three fletches but not for two or four.
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