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User Reputation - Contributed by Death Damsel

What is reputation?
Reputation is a measure of how valuable your posts are as perceived by the other forum members. ìValuableî is measured by different people in different ways and can mean profound, nasty, or perspicacious but usually just means funny.
Reputation is measured by a number of squares. Green means a positive reputation; red means a negative reputation; and grey means you havenít got a reputation yet. You can see everyoneís reputations on the ìMembers Listî. Reputation squares also appear on the side bar of any of your posts. If you move your mouse over the squares you will get a stupid message like ìUsername has a spectacular aura aboutî. No-one knows what the heck these mean.
You get reputation when someone likes (or doesnít like) one of your posts. In the side bar of your post is a little greyish icon which is apparently the scales of justice. Depending on your blood alcohol level this may look like: mushroom cloud, wireless headphone on a stand, water fountain, twin mushrooms or a small flightless grapefruit (in order of increasing blood alcohol level). If someone likes your post they will click on this icon and get a popup which they click to give positive or negative reputation and can write a short message. This message comes up in your user profile.
Now this is where it gets complicated. If the person who gives you the rep has a lot of rep power, you will get a green square. If they donít you will get a grey square. This is so the administrators (who have the highest rep power) will always have the highest number of green squares and you shouldnít get a complex about it. I know that after several hours of psychotherapy I was able to overcome this issue and Iím sure you can too.